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Things to do in Paternoster!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Paternoster is known for its amazing beach and soothing ocean. Fishing forms part of the historical lifeblood of Paternoster and the fishermen still go out every day in their colourful boats. If you are a visitor, you may think that there is not much to do while you are there, but we aim to highlight some interesting things to do and see in Paternoster.

1) Take a walk on the beach and stroll your way to Mossel Bank.

The Paternoster white sandy beaches are perfect for an early morning sunrise or sunset walk or both. Take in the breathless sights of the amazing colours of the sky. Meander your way to Mossel bank where many Mussels seem to wash up on shore. If you lucky you can find some shells to keep.

2) Lookout for some panties at the Panty Bar.

The Panty Bar as it is famously known, is situated at the Paternoster Hotel. It was built in 1863 where its purpose was a bank, church, library, and jail (not in any specific order) before it became a hotel in the 1940s.

Apart from alcohol, the Panty Bar houses women’s panties of all shapes, sizes, and colours. They hang from the ceiling, and you will not miss it. How it all started we do not know but when you visit, you are more than welcome to ask the friendly bartenders.

3) Visit the Paternoster Brewery.

Take a trip to the Paternoster Brewery where you can taste an array of different beers on tap. From Ales to lagers to stouts, whatever you fancy to quench your thirst.

4) Go wine tasting at the Wine Bar.

If Wine is more your preference, there is also a wine bar that recently opened where you can have an afternoon of wine tasting with your favourite friends and family!

5) Drive to The Paternoster Waterfront.

Take a drive to the Paternoster Waterfront where you will find a few restaurants to try and some stores such as a Fishery, antique collection store where you can purchase old collectibles, and coffee shop to either catch the sunrise or sunset!

6) Paddle out into the ocean to catch some waves and sea life.

If you wanting to see Paternoster from a different view, rent out some Kayaks with an experienced guide. Dolphins, seals, and whales are most common in the area. If you love bird watching, you are bound to see some relaxing on the rocks. Safety gear and equipment provided, weather dependent.

7) Take a drive to the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve.

This beautiful nature reserve is only a 10-minute drive out of Paternoster. You can find some diverse fauna and flora that will take your breath away and provide some tranquillity. During Wildflower season, it is the perfect place to find yourself in and frolic among the beauty that nature has to offer.

The reserve covers 263 hectares of ground so you can spend quite a bit of time exploring.

Paternoster is a place for relaxation and appreciation of the white sandy beaches and amazing surrounding scenery. Even if you the type that likes to kick back and relax. Paternoster is a place to escape the concrete jungle and the hustle and bustle of life and get back in touch with the beauty of nature!

Have a look at our availability for your next visit in Paternoster! We promise Graaitjie will not disappoint you!

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